Saturday, February 27, 2010

BitTorrent Client for Linux

In this article, I didn’t mention about softwares which don’t have gui like rtorrent. In Linux there are more alternatives than following softwares’. I didn’t use some of the softwares’ last versions. I’ve also mentioned the versions which I used, near the titles.

BitTornado - 0.3.18
BitTornado uses average 30mb ram. It’s written with Python. Super seeding and web seeding were developed by BitTornado group. The torrent files which were newly added, open in separate windows. When the program has started each time, you must add torrent files again. Program doesn’t automatically add and doesn’t continue where it left off. While torrent were adding, you can’t choose the files which will download. However after the adding of torrent, you can do this procedure. You can give priority to the file which you choose(want).

Deluge - 1.2.0
Deluge which is written by PyGTK uses average 35 mb ram. Deluge has plugin support. Super(initial) seeding support will be done with libtorrent library’s 0.15 version. You can give priority to the file which you choose. You can give priority to any pieces of a file which was in torrent with pieces extension.

KTorrent - 3.2.4
Ktorrent is a bittorrent client for KDE. You can use Ktorrent in other desktop environment. It’s distributed with GPL. It uses average 15 mb ram. Intended peer can kicked or banned. While torrent was adding, the files which you want to download, were selectable. You can give priority to files and torrents. In various conditions, you can give a warning with sound or writing or you can execute a command. For example, if you download torrent or you reach a specific share ratio, you can set as computer’s automatically shutdowning. Also you can specialize Ktorrent with extensions like search box, log viewer etc.

qBittorrent - v2.1.3
qBittorrent has approxiametly 25 language support. qBittorrent is written with qt4 and c++. qBittorrent uses approxiametly 15 mb ram. There is a specializeable search box in qBittorrent. The search results can added directly to the downloading list. Intented peers can be banned, peers’ downloading and uploading speeds can be limited. You can choose undesired files and give priority to them.

vuze -
Vuze which’s name is Azureus, is written with java. Because vuze need jre, vuze uses more system resources than other clients. Vuze can shows detailed informations about peers, pieces, files etc. Vuze has plug in and super(initial) seeding support. You can share torrent files and chat on vuze with your friends. You can watch and share DVD and HD videos. You can directly send files to devices like iPhone. You can use vuze as a social platform. You can make commands and vote for files.

Transmission - 1.75
Because of it’s written with c, transmission uses less cpu and ram than other clients. It uses approxiametly 10 mb ram. Transmission is fast and plain. It has simple gui. Gui can be changed by extensions. There are different versions which are written with gtk and qt. You can use gtk version for Gnome or a similar desktop environment. You can use qt version for kde or similar desktop environment. You can give priority to files and limit the speed.

BitStorm Lite - 0.2q
BitStorm Lite is a simple client. It hasn’t got a lot of features. It uses approxiametly 5 mb ram.

GNOME BitTorrent Downloader - 0.0.32
GNOME BitTorrent Downloader has a plain and simple gui. When the program started, it wants torrent files from you. Program doesn’t automatically continue where it left off. After you add the torrent file, if you choose a directory, it continues where it left off. Each torrents which were added, continues in different windows.

TopBT - 2.0
Because of TopBT is based on vuze, it needs jre. TopBT eveluates peers' network proximities rates by using ping and nmap tools. It can decrease the traffic aproximately %25 rate. It shows the traffic which saved on status bar and some statistics. TopBT's aim is increase unnecessary bittorrent traffic. Because, according to the IPOQUE's report which was published in 2007, 40% of Internet traffic constitutes bittorrent traffic.

FrostWire - 4.18.6
FrostWire is a file sharing program which has bittorrent support and uses Gnutella network. FrostWire is written with java. FrostWire has search box and media player.

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