Thursday, April 14, 2011

50 Android Apps to Manage Your Phone (and Your Life)

Some Android apps do more than simply provide you with information; they actually add new capabilities to your mobile device.

Here's a list of 50 utilities and other Android apps that allow you to manage your phone and its capabilities in new and highly useful ways.

1) Bluetooth File Transfer With this app, you can explore and manage the files on any Bluetooth-enabled device, receive files and send contacts. It's built on FTP and Object Push Profile (OPP). Free.

2) SMS Backup + This app automatically backs up SMS, MMS and call log entries to a separate label in your Gmail account. Free.

3) JuiceDefender Is the battery on your Android phone consistently running on empty? JuiceDefender can help you extend it! The app intelligently manages your mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components to ensure your phone runs as efficiently as possible. For example, the default mode switches your phone from battery-intensive 3G mode to the less-draining 2G mode when you're not actually using the phone, and it turns of the Wi-Fi radio if the charge goes below a certain level. The Advanced Mode allows you to tune the app's triggers based on your individual needs.

4) Lookout Want to protect your phone? Lookout does just about everything. It provides security against mobile viruses, malware and hackers, backs up your data and even locates your lost or stolen device on a map from the Web. And if you can't find it, you can use Lookout to make your phone "scream" or simply wipe out all the data on it.

5) App Protector Pro Want a little extra security for your Android phone? App Protector Pro allows you to password protect any application on your phone, including e-mail, SMS, photos and more. Paid: $1.99.

6) Phone Halo Do you often lose your keys, purse or phone? With Phone Halo, you attach a small device to your keys, purse, computer bag, etc. and download the Phone Halo app to your phone. If you ever leave the device or your phone behind, the app uses Bluetooth and GPS to identify its location and then sends a map to your email. It can also cause the device or your phone to ring, even if your phone is set to silent. Paid: $59.95. (Profits will be donated to the Japanese relief effort.)

Android apps, juice defender
The Juice Defender Android App

7) Titanium Backup This powerful backup tool can backup and restore all apps, even protected ones, with their data and Market link. It can also save your phone settings, including your Wi-Fi access point list. Free (suggested donation $5.95).

8) Google Goggles Google Goggles is a visual search app. Take a picture of the object, landmark, logo, etc. you want information about and Google Goggles will return relevant search results. It will even provide information about businesses by displaying their names directly in the camera preview.

9) GPS Status & Toolbox Looking for more information from your GPS? This app displays your GPS and sensor data and provides the position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing. The app's tools include a compass with both magnetic and true north and a leveling tool.

10) Phonebook Looking for an alternative to manage your contacts? Phonebook displays your contacts with contextual information like missed calls, unread text messages and even birthdays.

Android apps, phone halo
The Phone Halo Android App

11) Document Scanner This app allows you to scan documents with your phone's camera, convert it to PDF and e-mail the PDF to anyone. You can even upload the PDF to Google Docs. Paid: $2.98.

12) WeatherBug Mobile WeatherBug provides live, local, location-based weather information from its network of weather stations. It offers alerts, radar, satellite maps and videos. Free.

13) Gasbuddy – Find Cheap Gas This app provides comprehensive, real-time gas prices in your area (US and Canada) with maps. Users who pitch in by reporting gas prices in their area can win free gas.

14) TiKL – Touch to Talk (PTT) Turn your Android phone into a walkie-talkie with this app. It provides push to talk capabilities between Android phones without additional hardware and without using minutes. Communication is near instantaneous on 3G and 4G networks. Free.

15) US Traffic US Traffic provides traffic reports about your neighborhood and works anywhere in the US. It supplies detailed traffic incident information.

16) PdaNet Use USB Tether or Bluetooth DUN to connect your laptop to the Internet using your Android phone as a modem. You can use your phone to connect via 3G data, Wi-Fi and even VPN. Free and paid. The free version blocks access to secure Web sites. The premium version goes for $23.95.

17) Cab4me Find or call a cab quickly, even if you're not in Manhattan. This app keeps a database of local taxi companies and taxi stands and helps you place a call to a car service when you need one.

18) Vlingo Need to text, call, tweet or set your Facebook status and your hands are already occupied? That's no problem if you have Vlingo, which allows you to operate your Android phone with your voice. It even works with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Free.

19) SlideScreen This app replaces your traditional home screen with one that shows summary information for SMS, Gmail, phone calls, Calendar, Google Reader, Stocks and Twitter, making seeing all your important information at once a snap.

20) AppBrain App Market Want to make managing your apps a little easier? With AppBrain, you can browse for Android apps with a Web interface on a computer, select them and then use the app to install and uninstall the apps you selected. It also provides notifications when updates are available. Free.

21) Free Dictionary Org This simple, no-nonsense English dictionary provides definitions, synonyms, pronunciation and spelling.

22) Save MMS Ever get a picture through an MMS text message you wish you could save for posterity? This app lets you automatically save pictures, audio and video received in MMS text messages to your SD card. You can then access the saved files from your Pictures and Music apps.
Android apps, memory booster
The Memory Booster Android App

23) DiskUsage Want to see at a glance precisely which applications are using up all the space on your phone's internal memory or SD Card? DiskUsage gives you an easy visual representation, and as an added benefit it acts as a file manager for your SD Card.

24) Speed Test This app benchmarks the speed of your mobile network. It provides both download and upload speeds.

25) CPU Benchmark Use this app to test the speed of your Android phone's processor. This is a great tool for testing the results of overclocking your phone.

26) Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer Keep your Android phone running at its fastest with this app. Memory Booster optimizes our phone's memory by recovering memory leaks, flushing temporary libraries and defragmenting your phone's memory.

27) ROM Manager ROM Manager is intended to make Android tweaking easier than ever. You can download ROMs directly from the app, boot into recovery with a single click and even backup and restore entire ROMs.

28) SafetyNet This app allows you to call for help simply by shaking your phone, even if the app isn't on. It sends your current location and request for help to everyone designated in your safety net. It has settings for a variety of emergencies.

29) CallTrack This app logs your phone activity to your Google Calendar, allowing you to track who you've called or received calls from and when.

30) Android Time Card This time clock allows you to check in and check out on your phone and then e-mail your time sheet to yourself in CSV format. It supports multiple timers and even allows you to record your mileage for when you're on the go. Paid: $2.95.

31) Locale Locale lets you manage your phone's settings based on predefined criteria. For instance, you can set situations like "at school" or "in court" and set the phone to change its volume setting to vibrate when in those situations. You can set automated controls based on battery, location, contact, orientation and time. The phone settings you can alter based on these situations include: Bluetooth, brightness, ring tone, screen timeout, volume, wallpaper or Wi-Fi. Paid: $9.99.

32) Mileage Ledger This app makes it easier than ever to track your mileage for business reporting. It uses GPS to automatically track and log your mileage. You can then e-mail your report directly from the app. Paid: $8.95 annually.

33) Fusion Voicemail Plus Centralize all your voicemail boxes, including mobile, home and office, on your Android phone with this app. It can receive and display FAXes too. Free.

34) Wifi Analyzer This handy app turns your Android phone into a Wifi analyzer. It shows nearby networks, their signal strength and the channels they're on. It's great for finding a strong signal or even an uncluttered channel on which to set up your own network. Free.

35) Android System Info This app is a detailed dashboard and task manager for your Android phone, providing information on exactly what's going on in its hardware and software. The dashboard shows details like battery life, internal memory, SD card storage, RAM usage, uptime, network type and IP address. The tasks menu provides detail on all the processes running on your phone. There are a multitude of other details and features too.

36) Scanner Radio Use this app to listen to more than 2,300 publicly hosted fire, emergency, public safety, and weather scanner feeds. You can find feeds from the 50 currently most popular, or search by area, type or source. Or you can simply search for scanners near you. Free.

37) EStrongs File Explorer File Explorer is a local and network file manager that provides a file explorer for both the local phone and your remote computer. You can view files on your phone and in your computer's shared folder and transfer files between them. You can even play audio and video, browse images and view text. Free.

38) SMS2PC This app automatically forwards SMS messages to your PC if you're working on it so you don't have to reach for your phone. You can reply to messages and create new ones from your Android address book. Paid: $2.50

39) Mr. Number Call Block Hate getting unwanted calls or texts? This app may be the answer to your prayers. It can block calls and texts from any number, any area code or prefix, all private/restricted calls, or whitelist your contacts and block everyone else. You can block calls by picking up and hanging up or sending to voicemail. It even automatically blocks known spammers (US only).

40) Tuner – gStrings Never be without an instrument tuner again. This chromatic tuner app measures sound pitch and intensity, allowing you to tune all manner of musical instruments.

41) handyCalc Calculator The app adds just about every calculator function you can think of to your Android phone, allowing you to put your scientific calculator in the drawer forever.

42) This app from CBS Interactive turns your Android phone into a television. Use it to watch video, including full episodes, from CBS, The CW, CNET, ET, Showtime, CBS News, CBS Sports and more.

43) Root Explorer Root Explorer is a file manager with root access to Android's file system, including the data folder. Paid: $3.95.

44) ASTRO File Manager This app is a full-featured file manager that lets you view and manage the files on your Droid without having to plug it into your computer. You can even use it to backup your Android apps to your SD card. Free.

45) Dropbox Dropbox is a client for the Dropbox cloud-sharing file storage service. It makes it easy to get files onto your phone without explicit synching. You can add files to it from any of your computers and then access them from any other computer or phone. Free.

46) ConnectBot If you're a sysadmin, this one's for you. It's a Secure Shell client for Android. Free.

47) Advanced Task Killer A task manager for Android phones, Advanced Task Killer allows you to kill apps running in the background with a single click.

48) Nesoid Lite This Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator allows you to play every NES game ever made right on your Android phone. You'll have to take responsibility for the legality of your ROMs.

49) DroidLight LED Flashlight Turn the camera flash on your phone into a flashlight! It's much better than flashlight apps that just make your screen white. There's typically a different version of this app for each type of phone, as it uses non-standard APIs to address the hardware. You might have to hunt a bit to find the right one for your Droid.

50) SPB TV Get TV in the palm of your hand with this app. It's an IP-TV solution optimized for mobile devices that offers more than 100 subscription-free TV channels, including the major networks. Paid: $9.95.

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