Sunday, February 19, 2012

Human Rights Voicers

This picture was taken in the University of California, USA.

Where are the activists of human rights, or are they only present beyond the borders of USA?

USA..the biggest liars and anti-humans ever!!

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Wayne Tilcock. University of California, Davis, California. November 18, 2011

Compared to the physicality I'd seen in footage of Occupy confrontations in Oakland and Berkeley the students leading this protest kept it very orderly, positive and non-aggressive even as some other students who had gathered to watch the scene as classes let out had started some negative chants directed at the police. The calm tension of the whole scene was almost surreal with the light-hearted chants by protesters ("Hey, hey. You're cute. Please take off your riot suit"), students handing out legal forms for those expecting to be arrested, the casual nature with which Lt. Pike delivered the pepper spray. Minutes after riot police exited the Quad, the police chief had stuck around discussing the best places in the States for pizza with a European exchange student who was staying in the Occupy encampment. During the protest I focused on putting myself in position as close as I could to the protesters and was lucky that the officer who was in front of me during the pepper spraying (who was assisting from the City of Davis police dept.) recognized me and allowed me to stay on the edge of the walkway with the protesters. Afterwards I wanted to make sure our readers understood there were real people involved which is why we chose to identify the police officer (Lt. John Pike, whose name was provided by the police deptartment upon request) and the protester seated face up in the pepper spray (David Buscho, whose name I already knew from a story we had done the previous weekend on co-housing and who agreed to have his name used again for this story).

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