Friday, May 25, 2012

Remote Desktop Options for Linux

Ask any long-term Linux enthusiast, and they'll be the first to tell you there isn't much you can do with another operating system that you can’t do with Linux. Oh sure, there are always going to be those legacy applications that some may people depend on. For the most part though, everything you need is readily accessible with today's modern Linux distros.
One of my favorite examples of desktop Linux readiness is the various options available to control a computer remotely. Despite what newer Linux users might think, there are indeed a number of open source and closed source options available for remote PC access. In this article, I'll be exploring the best of both options from each sector of software licensing.
Vinagre (VNC based): My go-to application for running local VNC based connections tends to be Vinagre. It's simple and it provides a very consistent experience on the GNOME desktop. Some of the best features of using Vinagre include the following.
  • Connect to multiple PCs at once. If you're bouncing between computers, this is can be very helpful.
  • Vinagre remembers your last connection(s). Forget about looking up the last machine you connected to, let Vinagre do it for you.
  • Browsing for PCs made easy thanks to the network discovery options.
  • GNOME keyring compatible; no more entering your password each and every time.
  • Accepts reverse connections. This is helpful when offering remote support on your LAN or when you're behind a firewall.
  • With SSH setup ready to go, you can also use a terminal window to run Vinagre with SSH.
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