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51 Must-Have Android Apps

As the latest Android devices hit the shelves, Google Play, formerly called the Android Market, must keep pace. The Google app store now offers about 675,000 mobile tools. You'll find apps for everything from looking up health symptoms to scanning barcodes of products on a store shelf in order to look up reviews. Here we highlight an eclectic mix of apps to load on your Android device.
1. Advanced Task Killer
With some Android apps not allowing users to close them, Advanced Task Killer provides a way to force-kill tools and clean the device's memory. Just click the box next to the apps you want to shut down. Free.
2. Avast Mobile Security
Avast Software's Mobile Security app provides a remote cell phone tracker and locator as well as malware protection. It also lets you scan apps on your phone, as well as scanning your memory card content for viruses. Free.
3. Beautiful Widgets
If you're looking for a slick way to view a clock, weather animations and temperature readings, install Beautiful Widgets. Free.
4. Brightest Flashlight Free
A flashlight tool comes in handy during disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. This app uses the light of a smartphone camera's LED flash. It also features timers and audio effects. Free.
5. Cab4me Taxi Finder
Need help tracking down a taxi? Cab4me Tax helps you find local companies in your area and also indicates types of payment they accept. Free.
6. Catchnotes
This app is a convenient space to compile to-do lists, videos and sketches. You can use #tags to find your notes later. Free.
7. Chrome for Android
Experience the speed of Google's Chrome OS on your Android device. Like on the desktop, you can browse in Incognito mode without websites collecting or sharing your search history. Free.
8. Cisco WebEx
Trying to keep up with your meetings on the go? You can log in to a Web meeting on your Android smartphone or tablet using Cisco WebEx. Free but requires an account to use the application.
9. Citrix Receiver Beta
Companies can test features of this remote log-in app before they become part of the standard product. IT can use Citrix to manage, control, lock or wipe business apps remotely. Free.
10. Cloud Print
Need to print from your mobile device? Cloud Print allows you to send files from your phone to your printer. You can share printers with friends and send commands using SMS. Free.
11. Craigslist Mobile
Want to post an ad for an apartment? Craigslist Mobile provides a way to do so from your Android device. A mobilizer algorithm fits the popular site to an Android mobile screen. Free.
12. Documents to Go
This productivity app lets you view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments. Free; the full version unlocks editing capabilities for $14.
13. Dropsync
A fan of Dropbox? This app lets you keep your account with the cloud storage site synced with your phone or tablet. Free.
14. First Aid - American Red Cross
Prepare for hurricanes, earthquakes and other emergencies with this app from the American Red Cross. It offers videos, quizzes and step-by-step guidance on first aid scenarios. Free.
15. FCC Mobile Broadband Test
This app from Ookla allows you to test the download speed, upload speed and latency of a mobile broadband connection. Free.
16. Flipboard
Swipe through your favorite news sites and social media feeds using Flipboard. You can have a National Geographic news feed next to a Twitter timeline, which sits against videos from Facebook. Free.
17. Fontly
Check out Fontly if you're into typography. Explore type from the past, as well as add pictures of stylish lettering you come across. Free.

18. GateGuru
If you're headed to the airport and need to know about possible wait times and amenities, try GateGuru. You can sync the app with Kayak and TripIt flight details as well as view maps of airports to find ATMs, gift stores and coffee shops. Free.
19. G Cloud Backup
This app from Genie9 lets you back up SMS messages, contacts, music and videos to a secure cloud location. Free for 1GB of space; $0.99 per month for 10GB.
20. Gmote
With Gmote, your Android device becomes a remote control for your PC's media player. You can also control PowerPoint presentations and slide shows from your phone. Free.
21. Go Keyboard
Go Keyboard provides another option for input on an Android device. The app features more than 60 themes and incorporates a "smart" engine to predict where your fingers will strike. Free.
22. Google Earth
Travel the world in 3D on your mobile device, as Google Earth lets you view layers of roads, borders, places and photos. You can view earthquakes in real time, as well as hiking trails, city tours and the path of planes. Swipe gestures allow you to move the globe, zoom in or out, or tilt your view. Free.
23. Google Wallet
Store your credit, debit and reward card info in Google Wallet, so you can check out at the store by tapping your phone to a contactless point-of-sale terminal. The app transmits payment information using near-field communication. Free.
24. Groupon
This popular coupon site lets you buy and redeem deals for restaurants, fitness classes or travel from your mobile device. Groupon also lets you track coupons you've purchased and avoid having to print deals. Free.
25. History Eraser
Try History Eraser to wipe your phone of all your history in one place. The app from InfoLife allows you to clear areas such as the call log and text messages, as well as your search history in Google Search, Gmail and YouTube. Free.
26. iHeartRadio
Clear Channel Digital offers this popular all-in-one digital radio service to let you choose among more than 1,500 live stations. A scan button allows you to browse stations within formats such as pop, country, urban, rock and talk. Free.
27. iTriage
An app from Aetna, iTriage allows you to look up symptoms and health facilities as well as view your personal health records stored in Microsoft HealthVault. Free.
28. LogMeIn Ignition
Like Gmote, LogMeIn lets you control your PC from your Android device. You can remotely run Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) applications from your handheld. $29.99.
29. Medscape
Need to look up information on drug interactions and diseases? Medscape can help, along with providing medical news, informative videos and dosing calculators for medical professionals. Free.
30. mSecure Password Manager
Try mSecure if you're looking for a place to store your passwords and personal information, such as usernames and account numbers, with 256-bit encryption. $9.99.
31. MyBackUp
You can back up various data, such as contacts, call log, SMS text messages and browser music playlists and browser bookmarks, on your Android. Free for a 30-day trial; MyBackUp Pro costs $4.99 thereafter.
32. Nexercise
A social fitness game, this weight loss tool lets you earn rewards for meeting fitness challenges. Free.
33. NQ Call Blocker
Tired of the growing calls from telemarketers that seem to get around the Do Not Call list? This app lets you block unwanted calls and spam SMS ,as well as back up your contacts. Free.
34. Pedometer Plus
An app from JcsmSoft, Pedometer Plus allows runners to keep track of their distance, number of steps, calories and speed. Then you can integrate your routes with your account in Google Drive, formerly Google Docs. Free.

35. Pinterest
A social networking site growing in popularity, Pinterest lets you post videos and images from a favorite article, destination or recipe. Pin items according to your personal interests. Free.
36. Pocket
Need a place to store sensitive data such as bank account info and passwords? Pocket provides that service in this encrypted Android app. It even stores contact lens prescription info. Free.
37. Pinger
Wonder how to make calls on a smartphone without a call plan? Pinger lets you send and receive calls and texts through the free app. One caveat: Emergency calls are not supported. Free.
38. PrinterShare Mobile Print
This app lets you print using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB without a PC. PrinterShare supports multiple files on your phone, using SMS texts, emails, PDFs and photos. Free for 20 pages; $12.95 for unlimited printing.
39. Pulse News
From Alphonso Labs, this app creates a mosaic of news from your favorite sources, along with summaries of articles. Free.
40. Quill
If you own an Android tablet with a digitizer pen—say a Lenovo ThinkPad or HTC Jetstream—Quill enables handwritten note-taking with a fountain pen mode. Apply more pressure to produce thicker lines. $1.
41. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner
Billed by Google Play as "the original barcode scanner for Android," this app lets you aim your phone's camera at a barcode, then get a list of online and local prices. Free.
42. Spotify
A popular free radio tool, Spotify, lets you save playlists and share music with others. Free; a premium version lets you save music offline and stream it over a WiFi connection.
43. TEDAir
This app lets you watch archived speeches by people such as Bill Gates and former President Bill Clinton. Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) is a renowned conference series that dates back to 1984. Free.
44. TripAdvisor
A handy travel resource, TripAdvisor offers millions of photos, reviews, and maps for potential destinations. The NearMeNow feature lets you search a ZIP code for nearby restaurants and hot spots. Free.
45. Tumbler
The Android version of the blogging platform allows you to post, view and reply to messages. Free.
46. Twitter
Despite the third-party Twitter apps available, it's a safe bet to go with the official one. Track the activity of your contacts and check out interactions in an easy-to-view interface. Options include posting text, photos, links and videos. Free.
47. Vevo
This app provides access to a leading music video and entertainment platform. The service lets you use a voice control feature to search for artists or songs. Free.
48. WebMD
Need to look up what that rash might be or what medication to take for that bug bite? WebMD offers a symptom checker to find information about the cause of conditions and to find out how to treat them. You can also search listings of hospitals, physicians and pharmacies. Free.
49. Where's My Droid
If you're worried about losing your Android device, the Where's My Droid app lets you find your phone using GPS and direct it to vibrate and ring. allows you to control the device remotely and activate a Stealth Mode to hide incoming texts. Free.
50. Yammer
Yammer is an enterprise social network that lets you collaborate with your coworkers and share ideas. Microsoft recently purchased the private, secure social network and integrates the application with its Dynamics CRM platform. The Android app allows you to access company updates, messages and notifications. Free.
51. Xplore File Manager
A dual-pane view into your Android device, this app from Lonely Cat Games provides a way to copy, rename and create folders. It lets you view data on cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Free.

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