Thursday, February 3, 2011

35 Great Open Web Games

Game On 2010 is Mozilla Labs‘ first international gaming competition. Game On is all about games built, delivered and played on the open Web and the browser.

Now we are at the final phase and there are 35 great games fighting to get the first prize. You can still cast your vote and get a chance to win a prize from the mozilla foundation:

Due to the awesome response from our wider community, we have extended the voting period for the Community Choice award until February 1. Take 5 minutes (or hours…) to play some magnificent games and vote your favorites for the Game On Community Choice award. We will be randomly selecting three lucky voters and send you a special-edition Mozilla Labs Game On swag pack


But now let’s take a look at some of these games; all the entries are located at this address, and these are some i’ve tested:

A to B A physics based game where the goal is simply to get the ball from point A to B. Each level, you get a set of modifiers. The modifiers can change the velocity, direction, or gravity of the ball.

Choice of the Dragon The entire series choice of … is based on multi-choice text adventure games, I played the one of the dragon, well written and funny. The beauty of civilization in a browser…impressive

OpenStreetGame A geographic game, you have to clic on the map as near as possible to the exact location of a capital.

Burning Universe is a game of planet management, ship battles and the struggle to control all the resources in the universe.

Check these games, what are your favourites ?

And don’t forget to cast your vote !

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