Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secret and Hidden Codes for Android

Hidden Android codes
Nothing unethical here. All these codes are perfectly ok and legit. If you like tweaking and playing with your Android, this little piece of information is just for you. With these codes, you can have better control of your Android device. I tried these codes on my Samsung Galaxy tab and they worked there. I’m pretty sure they will work on any Android phone. if you like these codes, please share this article on Twitter, Google plus, or Facebook so that others can benefit from these codes as well.
Disclaimer: Though I’ve tested these codes myself, I don’t take any responsibility if a code gives any problems. This article is for experienced Android users and not for noobs.
It can give some really interesting data about the battery and phone. it will take you to a menu with 4 options: phone information, battery information, battery history, and usage statistics.
This is the factory reset code. It will remove the settings of Google account from your phone (this is very helpful if you ever have to hand your phone over to someone for a few days). Plus it will reset the data and settings of system and downloaded apps. You can try this code safely because once you enter it, your phone will ask for confirmation. You can then opt out of it. Even if you do reset the settings, it will not erase the memory card files.
Think twice before you try this one because it will not ask for confirmation. Once the code has been entered, the only way to stop is by taking out the battery. Since I couldn’t take the battery out of the tablet, I didn’t try this one. So you are on your own here. This one formats the internal storage and resets all settings.
This code will give phone camera information. Its menu options would be: update camera firmware, get firmware version, and get update count. Don’t try the first one because then your phone camera will not work and you will have to take it to the service center.
It gives you power over the power button. The power on/off button of the phone turns the phone off only when you long press it. With this code, you can change that, and your phone will get switched off with just a single small press of this button. This will save your time that can be spent instead on downloading cool apps.
With this code, a file copy screen will open up. Here you can backup your sound, video, and image files.
With this code, you will enter service mode. Here you can change settings and run tests.
With this, you can see the Gtalk service monitor.
Try them on your Android phone and let me know how they worked out. Keep reading for more!

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