Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Android Apps: 59 Good Apps

The explosion of the Android mobile platform has developers competing for attention and downloads in crowded apps markets. The result? You can download a ton of really useful software for free, if you’re willing to put up with the occasional advertisement or upsell to a premium version of the app.
These are 60 free Android apps we find useful. Some of them are extremely powerful, some of them are ingeniously simple, and a couple of them are actually just for fun. But they are all certainly worth a look.
1) Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver
Easy Battery Saver
2Easy Team: Smartphones drink electricity, and this app is among the better ones designed to help you at least make it past dinner with a functioning communication device in your pocket. Energy use plans include options to smartly shut down antennae when networks are out of range and to save only key data, such as your texts. You also get detailed energy consumption reports.
2) Handcent SMS
Handcent Market:Integrated spell-checking, privacy controls like hiding messages in all your tools, and group sending options to let you pump out more than 1,000 messages an hour – all these features are available in this popular SMS power app. You can also fully customize your messaging interface, even making it look like really cool phones like the Blur or the iPhone.
3) Antivirus Free
AVG Mobilation: This free AV suite includes the basic app and files scanning you'd expect in any security tool. It also supports device pinpointing via Google Maps, the ability to remotely lock or wipe a lost phone, and a built-in task killer to improve device performance. It even has a battery optimization feature, if you don't want to devote a whole app to that function. A surprisingly feature-rich freebie.
4) MP3 Ringtone Maker
LuckyStar: This app has one of the more intuitive interfaces for the all-important task of assigning custom audio notifications to specific events and contacts. There's a massive online library of ringtones, and you can create your own from MP3 files.
5) Shake To Charge Battery
Life Mobile:OK, obviously this app is not actually charging your phone by asking you to shake it. It's a joke. People do stupid stuff with smartphones. It's just a gag, but a funny enough gag that it has a 4.2 rating on Google's app store and a really funny comment thread. Check it out.
6) ColorNote Notepad Notes
Notes: One of the more useful among the tons of notepad apps out there, ColorNote supports password locking, alarm reminders for your to-do list, and quick sharing of your random thoughts via SMS and Twitter. And of course you can color-coordinate that mess of notes that are piling up, or view them in a grid format. Online backup of your data is also available.

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